Whose Voice Would You Listen?

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How dull and void life  would be if there were no voices. Be glad then for you’ve got it! Everyone can express, reason and made known himself with that powerful voice.  With the  multitudes of voices, come the need to listen smartly and attentively.  Will you be able to identify the different calls around you? Will there be good and bad demands? Can you recognize whose voice to listen and obey?  Will it matter to you if whose voice would you follow? In this life there are three forms of tingling voices you will hear. The voice of the world, the demands of your inner self and the voice of the Lord.

The world offers different voices. There are the business, political realm, corporate, wealth, your peers,  entertainment, luxury, self gratification, science and intellectual world.  These voices  come with accordance to your demands. Everything around has a voice to convey their importance to your life. You will only listen and take action to them based on your needs and wants. Everyone has different needs and wants so the way they answers to the call  of this world will differ. There is a great impact in the way you respond to the world’s demands with your values in life.  The world may offer marvelous things and desirable solutions to your problems but it’s not lasting. The things in this world might help relieve, satisfy, comfort and elevate you but it’s only for a while. The people around you can do a lot to keep you alive but they too has a temporary life. The voice of the world can make or break your life. Be careful then whose to listen and follow.


The voice of yourself. When the outside noise is so loud, your mind and heart is more than stronger. You consider the most your feelings, your knowledge and your abilities as an answers to all your needs. When you are the master of yourself no one can dictate  how to meet all your demands. The more if your heart suffers, your own voice becomes the priority. The self usually demands a lot, because you are very much affected by your self voices. When you realize that you are powerless and incapable, until then you will recognize a much able One who can rescue you in this chaotic life.

The voice of the Lord. When the world and yourself are banging noises, the voice of the Lord is difficult for you to hear.  When you are busy approaching the world for solutions, the farther you are away from His Presence. John 10:14,27 “I am the Good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me… they listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.”  If He is your personal Lord and Savior then you are one of His sheep. With this relationship between you and the Shepherd, even if how strong the voice of the world will be, still you will recognize  the Shepherd’s voice .The good Shepherd wants to equip, edify, uplift and bless you.  His guidance, protection and wisdom will influence all your decisions in life. The Shepherd’s voice is so loving, caring and clear to your ears. By constantly equipping yourself with God’s Words, you will never be misled.


Are you having difficulty recognizing God’s voice? The spiritual realm of your life will connect you to the Lord.  Ephesians 1: 13. “… When you believed, you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.”  When the Holy Spirit takes control of your life this make you strongly connected to the Lord. This will open heaven’s  communication line. Hearing and obeying God’s voice becomes a joy for you. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit when He prompts you, be sensitive to His dealings.  For the Lord convinces only those who are truly His. Even a whisper from God will mean a lot for you. Is it clear to you now whose to listen? Enjoy hearing and obeying His voice now!                           MRCE


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