What to Do When You are Draining?

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There’s draining when you are living. Anyone needs to be active in order to live. In life it’s either you’ve been used or you are using someone. You are not draining if you’re not giving and taking. Why all these are happening? What to do when it happens? What usually is draining in you?

Why the draining Happened?

Draining means it runs out, leaving it empty, it cleared and dried out. There’s exhaustion. weakness, tiredness and being hopeless.  It never drained out if it was full. Your life must be filled up before you can pour out. You are full and complete not by your own effort. It was perfect when He created humanity. Every aspect of your life were real and ready to share. You are intact, that’s what makes you human. With that you are capable to build, reproduce, help, serve, love and even sacrifice. When these are strongly evident you will soon felt drained of what has given and entrusted to you if not filled up. When you detached from the giver you lost the source of life. The moment the self over power, the source is not effectuated.

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What usually is draining in you?

Physical is the most obvious sign. Exhaustion comes whenever worked. All bodily organs need to work and rest at a certain time and that makes night and day. When physical is worn out, different ailments occur.

Emotion gets weary when the physical is exhausted. Emotional drain is more dangerous. It is the absence of happiness. Avoid being weak inside for it radiate on the outside. Spiritual drain is the emptiness of the soul. The need of life’s purpose and future assurance. This is the weakening of one’s faith. Bankruptcy on your resources is so popular now a days. What you have will not last when not a good steward. It has a reason when your draining financially, but always has a way out.

What to do when you’re draining?

Be a responsible steward of your body and resources. You can’t be trusted with huge things if you’re not faithful with little. The body has strength and weaknesses, know and understand every part of it. When the physical weakens be sensitive to the need it conveys. Give time to relax  and rest for you body is not a machine. Emotional draining is connected to the physical. When the heart is afflicted, the body suffers. Guard the joy  of your heart, if you want to be strong outwardly. Bring your soul closer to the Creator for you to be empowered. He is the complete source of power that never gives up and of the resources that never runs dry. A jug of water before you fill it with water needs to be cleansed. Clean up yourself with the mess, before He’ll do the filling.

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Allow draining and emptying in your life, for this  is His way of testing your faithfulness. He will never leave you helpless when dried up.  His faithfulness will overflow like a river   when  you believe. When you have nothing, He has more to do in your life. Enjoy draining to yourself and filling with His love.            MRcE


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