Why Leaves Fall?

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The leaves are very obvious when falling. They are evident everywhere. There is force when you fall. This force comes in different forms. A thing falls intentionally or even not. Anything  and anyone  do fall with a reasons. What’s the essence of falling leaves to us? Why falling is possible? What causes the fall? What’s next after falling?

A plant is  grateful whenever it has so much of green leaves. Leaves are life of a plant. It process food for the plant with the help of the sun, water and carbon dioxide. Chlorophyll as the chemical inside them makes the leaves green. Leaves make a plant more vibrant and irresistible to any living things. It also help keeping you cool on hot days by making shade. A sort of umbrella, when the leaves fill the spaces between branches to make a canopy. Leaves also make the trees good homes for animals. They are very important that losing them is a risk for the tree.


Your life is like a leaf in which a tree  is dependent on. The people around needs you for them to survive life. You are their source of strength and joy. Even others need your presence  to ignite their life. But in reality, like the leaf it will not last. Why all these has an end? 

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Why falling is possible? Leaves fall  because of many reasons. Exposure to bending forces and stresses like wind, snow, hail, falling debris, animals and abrasions from plant structure. You  are facing such forces in life; the wind and storm can shake your faith. Even if you are equipped like a leaf it is flat and thin made to survive heavy wind, still troubles can knock you down. Not all the time you are good  on top but expect downfall. Turbulence of the air strong wind forces results in the diminished leaf numbers. The leaf fell and died during cold season. Even if how hard you fight for adversary,  if you neglected the Master still you fell off. If you value the temporal than the eternal things in your life, you’ll be liken to a leaf storing water in itself that cause it to freeze and die during winter. Avoid  hiding those bitterness, sin and hatred in your heart for you to endure during hard times.


There are good things to ponder in falling leaves. When the leaf fell off, it leaves a leaf scar on the twig. In every sorrow there’s a scar that would make you tough. In every pain, the heart becomes stronger. The leaves prepare a special layer on branches to protect the tree from winter and store up food. When leaves fall to the ground, they eventually break down and provide nutrients for the soil; helping prepare for more plants to grow. There’s life after falling. Still be a blessing in your downfall.  Let your heart breaks help uplift others. He has a reason for every troubles in your life.

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Photosynthesis is impossible when there’s no sunlight. There’s no life apart from the Master. He’s the Light that provides Life. When cold season comes, the leaves slowly fading the green colors, they are restored in the tree for food. Their true colors  revealed and fall  then crumple down. When there’s no sunlight the leaf has no chlorophyll and it changes its colors. These colors are actually been in the leaves, it’s just invisible because the green from the chlorophyll was blocking them. Adversaries in life are always there but they are lightened or even diminished because of His true love.  Life is not all joy; problems will strike anytime but can be overcome. Real attitudes reveal  when in tough  situation. Leaves exist and fall with reasons, and so are you. You are made ready for life’s challenges, let the Light visible in you. When life ends, let its legacy provide hope for new life. Make the fall meaningful for others to grow a new hope. The tree continues to grow and flourish.  Like how a leaf cope the changing seasons, learn to face every season in your life with love. Prepare and enjoy the fall.        MRcE



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