When Love is not Enough

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The most wonderful thing but full of wonders is love.  No one can intentionally grasp its fullness for life.  Digging deeper the core might bring confusion, the more when the heart suffers by loving.  All are subject for love, but not all heartened and sustained it. Is there an  intermittent love?  What made it become an  ample and insufficient?  When is love be enough?


February is considered to be a love month. Mostly are in colour Red to speak of the heart.

When in love , everything is beyond words and beyond descriptions.  An overwhelming feeling, inexpressible emotion and unutterable happiness engulf the heart.

The marvellous fascination was actually sporadic. A feeling occurred at irregular intervals. At first, only in a few places and times the intense when together.

Is there an intermittent love?

Do you have unsteady or an on again and off again love?

Can you love intermittently that is not stable and continuous?

Is your love’s intensity defends on the power of any variables? Are you just motivated to give love whenever there is a desired manipulative?

This kind of love is not promising for commitment. It has no contentment and satisfaction. It is  shallow and never hit the very substance of the heart. It speaks of fraud motives, disturbed desires and scattered promises. This happened when the heart itself is not settled to love and give love.

What made an ample love? 

All longs for love that is more than enough. A love that is abundant. A heart that  can sustain and reciprocate your love. A love  that fits and exceed the limerence you expect. A love becomes  ample and huge only when the inside is in abundance of the genuine love.

You cannot give more of what you have if you have less of it. If the self itself is in need of this kind of love, one can’t sustain loving you in return. One must experience love before giving it fully. From the very start, He filled us with His love to enable us to give love. We love because He first loved us. An ample love is true and overflowing love. He already made you to love truly and fully.


Why is love become insufficient?

The world speaks a lot about love, it marred the very essence of it.  Life brought about hardships,  distresses, and different adversities.  These afflictions torment the hearts of the lovers. Lead them to search for answers, fortune and worldly satisfactions  for escape. This impair the genuine love for each other that made it insufficient.  Causes division to the once happily in union. The deeper it goes when the lovers succumb to temptation. The heart  enters to a forbidden allurement.  The one love could never be enough when all these adversities, troubles and sorrows wreck the heart’s vows. Love  to each other become futile when unvalued. These turn the lovers in separate ways. The reality of  life  made the heart suffer.

When love is not enough there is more of the self than others.

There is more of reaching your own dreams than living and pursuing life together in simplicity. More of sacrificing relationship and people because love is not just enough to survive. When love is not enough, the hearts desire the world’s  beauty, power and wealth more than what the other can only offer. It could never be enough when reasons overpower the heart.

If the world gives  all the reasons for love to never be enough, find the Giver and Author of love. Draw closer to Him and He will fill your heart with genuine love once again. Love could only be enough  if the Giver’s love overflows in it. His love is more than enough to bring back the fullness of joy in your heart. He loved you first before anyone else got their eyes on you, and He loves you now even more. Stay in His love.      MRcE

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