What to do when in Oblivion?

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There is a time in man’s life that a need to pause, and do nothing is a must.  Stop and be still. You  may tend to go beyond sloth, lethargy, and extinction. You were trapped into oblivion. What made you capitulate? What is an oblivious person? What to do when in that state?

The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around you define an oblivious person. 

Being forgetful or absent-minded, unmindful and detached individual. There are many reasons why it happened to you.  Life can struck and hurt you that made you indifferent. People, things and everything will influence  your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and decisions. You choose to be incognizant to everything that could affect you. . When unmet expectations, confusion and pain ruled, you become nescient in life’s truths. As a defence you prefer to be oblivious. These made you capitulate to what is not designed by the Creator in your life.  You cannot escape life’s drama. There will always be a plot; a twist in the story of your life. Fight oblivious  spirit with courage. Cover the lies with love to open your heart and see the reality. Let faith gives you strength to endure the state of oblivion.

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The state of being completely forgotten or unknown describe Oblivion. 

What causes a person or a thing to be thoroughly and finally forgotten? Could you accept  your non-existence or nothingness in the eyes of anyone?  You are at your lowest when oblivion seize you. A hopeless and beaten wretch who wish death would engulf the being.

This condition is sorrowful, harmful and ruinous to one once claiming to be alive and bubbly. It’s very rare for one to be happy when in oblivion. Oblivion conveys  a strange message of a lifeless  lone. Don’t let them bury you in their minds  and eradicate you in their hearts. When it happens,  show them   the unaffected side of you, in which the Creator is still working on.  You are not supposed to be in oblivion, when you know your Saviour. His presence in your life brings an answer, hope and joy. He can liven and brighten the hollow space inside of you. 

Everyone  passes this stage, becomes an oblivious being and feebly captured in oblivion. The twist never ends there. His death on the cross happens for you to cling on and embrace His love for refuge. Don’t let the unknown of life confuse you. Start letting Him control your life as you contain oblivion within. You will never be unknown and forgotten  because it’s Him they saw in you.  Truly, you will be in a state of oblivion because the innate self diminish  and His presence shines brightly in you. This time, Oblivion’s meaning  should be a total forgetting and dying to oneself and being renewed with His Spirit. He’s the star that will shine in you. They will recognize and perceive you because of Him.  Enjoy oblivion with the Author of life!            MRcEV

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