Advice on: Dealing with an abusive and irresponsible partner.

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Life consists with good and bad people. Either way around, you are into any of their relationships. Though regrets come at the end, yet all been unnoticed at the start of one’s journey.

A heart in here shares same dilemma in relationship. Good that she opens and let her heart speaks to us. Taking time to listen and allowing God to work in hearts that need healing and good direction. Watch the following video with an understanding of your own situation as well.

In every responsibility comes life. Take this as a wake up call to the one who’s into loving and committing in a relationship. An individual is so precious in God. Take them as valuable as you are in the Lord.

This platform allows anyone’s heart to speak and tries to bring Jesus more closer in there. All are entitled to be heard and most of all to be loved. Be ye all inspired, uplifted a be happy always!

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