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Love poetry: A Season without you

Saw all kinds of people so eager roaming around! Felt their joy while my heart is frozen . Heard banging music; with enormous beats! Perceived all while the mind is baffled! Who to cling when you’re confused by all the noises? Why so loud, this ears can’t contain? Does it brings melody to this heart?

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Advice on: Dealing with an abusive and irresponsible partner.

Life consists with good and bad people. Either way around, you are into any of their relationships. Though regrets come at the end, yet all been unnoticed at the start of one’s journey. A heart in here shares same dilemma in relationship. Good that she opens and let her heart speaks to us. Taking time

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Dealing with a stalemate relationship (video)

When you thought happy days had ended and you’ve come to unwanted situation that is inevitable, how can you escape? A lot of people in a relationship now a days are in trapped. It might be on their volition or of no choice but still love is compromised. Sometimes, the heart who loves freely will

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