Love poetry: A Season without you

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Saw all kinds of people so eager roaming around!

Felt their joy while my heart is frozen .

Heard banging music; with enormous beats!

Perceived all while the mind is baffled!

Who to cling when you’re confused by all the noises?

Why so loud, this ears can’t contain?

Does it brings melody to this heart?

Will this affair caused for it to silence?

The cold weather describes the occasion.

The noises tell of a celebration.

This occurrence reveals a wondrous love.

It comforts this awful heart.

The season welcomes and initiates love.

Though broken inside yet He shine outside.

No other reasons for pain to evolve.

The message it brings already resides in the heart.

This season meant to be celebrated, remembered and cherished.

In the presence of the One , worthy to be with your side.

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