Alone with the King

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It was sudden !

Dare not to turn back… yet the nightmare never stops on disturbing the innocent mind which trying to forget the trauma.

Dare to venture alone … though the world is not minding the wounded heart which fighting to survive.

No one cares, not even a succor to a lamenting heart.

All had callous heart to hear your cries.


You felt alone…

Fighting the cold- blooded brute.

Facing fiery arrows while shielding the innocents.

Climbing mountains, plunging deep waters, confronting storms.

This wounded warrior thought it’s over!

As human never survives, never won apart from a Divine.

Why keep climbing mountains when you’re not reaching the top?

Why keep treading waters when you’re struggling afloat?

Why keep on conquering storms when your body is weakened by colds?

Why keep on fighting to live when your aging unstoppable?


YOU… pushed her, making the sloppy paths passable.

YOU…strengthen her muscles as she’s reaching the shore.

YOU… commanded the storm to be still when she proceeded through it.

YOU touched the frail bones and flowed the veins, give life to the wrecked body.

Facing your adversaries with silence. With deaf ears and dumb tongue, YOU shut them all.

Feeling down your tears while the heart sings for YOU.

Hiding , covering the weak body and staying untouched inside a four walled box.

All these happened but endured because of YOU.

The sun arises… daily:

The sun seems telling you: “a King is watching you”.

Its shines brightly for you to see the blooming flowers and feel the swaying of the singing trees.

It brings light for you to see the crowd; unmindful, strange and suspicious.

The moon comes…nightly:

The moon seems minding you: “see! Your dark paths are lighted.”

Its moonlight seems concealing the longings by its luminous presence.

Its enchantment plummet when cold wind touch the broken heart.

Alone… yet not truly alone.

While hearing the singing of the heavenly hymns.

Listening to every details the King will utter.

While overwhelmed by the royal attention.

Pleased to be one of the unworthy messenger.

Never again consider the self to be alone when the King already owns you.

No other place so delightful to stay with,

No other Being eagerly to be with!

An excitement replaces the agony within.

An only desire wrapped the heart ‘till its fulfillment! …

Seeing the King!


Note: pictures credit to David Avocado Wolfe channel.

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A song 🎵 for you: watch what the King says!