When in the Unknown: A Love Poetry

What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out? …………….. I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, ’till succumb again to the enchantment of sleep.


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The “Regret” of Creation … The Existence of the Fallen Angels, Nephilims , demons and evil spirits,

When the close people in your life are sparing away their time on you the result is having you more time dissecting His words. Grab this opportunity. Then He will open your mind and let you see the truth. When the Lord reveals something He will open your heart first. Letting you see your nothingness

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The Holy Book of Enoch: A Concealed Truth.

Truth is something that would reveal greater things which sometimes hard to fathom. It’s exposure hurts the hearts of one consumed by sin. In their revenge they conceal the truths and bind it deeper for anyone not to know. Mysterious books written long ago convey truths in itself. Only when finite men declare their authenticity

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The code of life : “YHVG”Message in your DNA

Many people are driven by different forces in their pursuit of life. Admitted that evil force goes with this chase, competing with the good in achieving control over humankind. Different groups studied the composition and reality of human existence. All in vain when done for self gain and motives. The complexity of human being actually

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“When God spoke”: The Atheist “Evolution” was Dismantled

The occurrence of things around you that were out of your control and knowledge sometimes were subject to a manipulation of a powerful entities. Many are just naïve or ignorant to distinguish the truth and lies offered to them. Brainwashing from their childhood studies and becomes a doctrine they carry out in adulthood. The Science

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