The Enemy Within

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Once a prevailing ordinary days…

The same people, same places and same self.

A routine that could bore a  dashing, sassy lass.

A dullsville life enkindle the wolf to engage.

Saw it coming, never been bothered,  fascinated even more.

Enchanted and enthralled by its flowery language.

It enslaved the reasons and empathy within.

A once green, now a rotten leaves freely fall to its self extinction.

Blame the mundane! A humdrum  existence!

No! It’s not!

Condemn the comrade! A buddy! An intruder!

No! It’s you! It’s within!

A wretched unguarded warrior engulfed in sin and lies.

Would you tarry? Bury self? Savor iniquity?

A promised, craved life is beyond reach.

Would you exchange? Give in? Unmindful?

There is more to life than glamour, leisure and gratification.

There is more to self than beauty, pleasure and deviation.

When life is lamentable… be grateful for the sunshine.

When self is ravaged … appreciate your smiles.

There’s no coward if  you’re armed by His words.

… no losers if you’re filled by His love.

There will always be an answer to the emptiness within.

… invade the self, seize and secure by His love.

Remember you are more than  conquerors because of Him!



Note: This is an original works and subject for copyright. Photos credit to adobe stock applications.

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