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The GOODNESS of GOD: How Can You Not See His Goodness?

In life, people live differently with each other but all been given the same. There are  less fortunate and the well off individuals. Whatever reasons behind their status in life, still all experience the gift of life. The  goodness of the great Creator  never misses anyone.  It’s very clear around us and very obvious to

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Advice on :Dealing with a Confuse heart. Ghosting in a relationship. (Video)

In every relationship there is a responsibility goes with it. Never a thing happened for nothing and ends suddenly. Love has its way of keeping what is considered to be precious. In this episode, we can witness a heart abandoned without a reason. It cries to be rescued and valued. As you take a glimpse

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What to do when in Oblivion?

There is a time in man’s life that a need to pause, and do nothing is a must.  Stop and be still. You  may tend to go beyond sloth, lethargy, and extinction. You were trapped into oblivion. What made you capitulate? What is an oblivious person? What to do when in that state? The state

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