A mother’s fight

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As we journey in life, we all had to face a mountains to climb and to conquer in order to live. There’s a battle that seems unnoticeable but only the heartless could not mind it. This soul in whom all should cherish and love embodies so much of a fighter for life. She is anyone’s heartbeat when in her womb. Haven’t you take time to wonder how she made it through to bring you out in this world? Haven’t you dare to know her different battles of why you become you are now? Or never even care to know it all?

It all started when she fell in love. She was so innocent, vulnerable and yielded to the power of love. Not mindful of her first battle when she could not resist the demands of the heart. She was powerless to the leverage within. A lot of choices, restrictions and resistance occurring to give this fight of the heart to be justified. But this is the fight that only the owner of the heart could decide for a final say. A decision that would determine her future and even those destined to be in her womb.

The fight goes on when love flourished and blossom until a life came to her womb. She never stops to feel even the thinnest moves her tummy would do. She strives to keep herself strong and healthy for the sake of the life she carries through. Overcoming the major bodily changes is so much to bear whenever you’re an active working individual. Facing all the challenges physically and emotionally would cause one to be a real struggling fighter. With all other sprouting problems, she must take it with so much care of the little life she had with her. The Lord’s strength and provision will cause one to pass this battle.

The best ever rewarding fight is when she becomes a mother. A fight for life both for her and the dearest one inside her. It takes courage and a brave heart to go through the pain of child birth. It cause her all to dismantle and taste what is a death like- pain. . To bring forth a precious life one must suffer in exchange for it. This is one of those destined fight every mothers should take.

It never ends there, she should be in constant guard of the well being of the life who comes out with her. This is the delicate road to a motherly nurture. In here she becomes more protective and a ready warrior for the safety of her child. Touch not what belongs to her and she will be as wild as a Lion for her one’s sake. Until the day she will fully give the freedom ask from her. Letting go of what’s been once tiny inside of her to a grown beautiful man and woman alike. She fights, her choices of a no or a yes of setting free the ones so dear close to her inner core.

All along the way in every corner of a mother’s journey , she’s battling for destructions, heart torments and variety of struggles. The fights of a mother are all intended for the ones she loves. When she’s into loving her children, she forgets the demands of her own self. What matters for her is the welfare of the people she loved. The idea that could cause her a broken heart. Unvalued, unloved, betrayed and forgotten brought refinement to her forbearing love. A so much pain in her heart enables love to linger more in there. In this battle whenever she’s consumed by motherly obligations, her own happiness will suffer. There’s no argument with this, because choosing between the two she will go with her children. Never question a mother’s love for it goes beyond any reasons. Though sweet and loving, she can be a determined fighter when needed to protect what she carries for life.

A mother’s fight is distinct from usual battle anyone would encounter. She might be mistaken, and hard to understand but Jesus has always been available to help her through it all. She could not make it alone apart from the Lord. The more she clings to His words and promises, she becomes stronger and confident to be a victor. God’s love is her strength and hope. Her legacy lives on as long as there are hearts who beat in woman’s womb. Actually hers is not a win- lose battle, but a sure rewarding fight of life. Your heart beats because at first she connects her breathing on you. Without your mother, seeing what the world could offer to you would be impossible. When her fights end, it will be for your good as she assures it would happen to all she loves. Her fights lead you where you are now! Be worthy of it all!

The prayer of a mother

Written by: Cary Mcvay. Music arrangement by: Jamie Graves. Sung by: Lakieta Bagwell

Lord I want my kids to know The straight and narrow road But the world is raging war against their soul This I know.

Lord I want my kids to win Over the power of sin But I can’t control the choices that they make So this I pray.

Hold their hearts when I’m not there When trials come to test their faith Let them know the power of prayer Hold their lives in your hands When the world tries to push them down. Provide the grace to stand. Hold them close, when I can’t.

Lord I want my kids to be living life victoriously. Yet I know there’s no win without a war Yes, there’s a war.

Lord I’m trying to let go. All of my earthly control So that heaven has a strongest voice to them. So this I pray.

Lord You know I tried the best I can. But there’s one thing I understand I’m not the Savior they need to know And I’m not so blind that I can’t see. That the greatest place for them to be. It’s not my arms but Your mighty hands.

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Note: Some photos credit to David Avocado Wolfe telegram channel.

A mother’s fight music video here: credit to David Wolfe Avocado Channel.